The Emperor is Back

Bike enthusiasts and the lover of adventures seem no stranger to the energy and the exhibition speed of Harley Davidson bikes. Why is this bike so common? Look at their price rates. They’re for the high-profile superstars but they’re a wonderful fascination for the commoners. These bikes need no branding, no advertisements, and no show-offs. You have to hail and bow down to the Emperor but don’t communicate in common.

Along with Canada and USA, the Harley bikes are highly popular among the worldwide race lovers. You will see a whole lot of youngsters riding a slick red color motorbike on the national highways letting out a tempting sound of BOOM on your ears. Its appearance is majestic and when you sit on the machine whilst grabbing the handles, you may feel as if you won the world.

Born and designed in the United States of America they represent the independent spirit and the complimentary”ism” of the country. Competing with the King you will find several bike brands in Japan China and India that produce the strongest of the powerful models but why is it that none can beat this two-wheeler? Do they run with some secret machine recipe which makes them traveling like a mechanized bolt?

The multimillionaires already penned the versions coming in late 2017. Entire Asia-Pacific has its dealership and the figures reach over 135.

The reason why some countries don’t reach the equilibrium of its economy is quite simple. First is the Swot analysis, the financial power of the citizens and the country roads that could handle its powerful speed. Direct exporting is 1 way though there are others like the contractual entry modes and investment entrance. Your market segment must contain gigantic proportions to handle this heavy weight technology.

The very common threat of rivalry, high cost, and customer satisfaction is yet another cause. Bringing in the Harley Davidson as a shiny new toy in the marketplace will create a bigotry among the customers. They have high price ratio and whether the citizens cannot afford it while the anticipated selling speed goes down than the company is only a failure. Know the SWOT analysis the environmental factors, the market segment, and client’s willingness. If these odds are in your favor than its time you raise your accelerator.

We do not want you to rot in a hospital bed for a mean machine.

Harley Davidson. The title swoons the bicycle riders into a lot many fantasies to buy. But this bike segment was and never would be reasonable enough to purchase for common population. Its not the machine’s fault because the layout, engine capacity, market, gains and consumption of environmental resources is quite high.

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